How to Train Your Young Racing Pigeons

racing pigeons

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At the age of 26-30 days, your young racing pigeons should be weaned from their mommies. This is when the young pigeons’ bodies are totally covered with small feathers but their tail feathers and wing flights are not fully developed. Young pigeons reach the full length of their tail feathers and wing flights after about 2 to 3 more weeks.

At six to seven weeks old, it is time to replace the standing corn with two separate meals daily as scheduled for the older birds. It is essential that your young birds get as much corn as possible during the evening meal. It is fine for the young pigeons to be supplied with light feeding portion in the morning. At this developmental stage, following strict feeding system is critical for their growth and development. For young pigeons, this strict feeding routine must be followed the entire summer season and during the races.

Once your young racing pigeons are accustomed to 2 meals per day feeding system, it is time to teach them how to trap. You begin by training the young birds to come to the pigeon loft when called for. It is essential that the pigeons that return to the loft last during the initial training should be among those that come into the loft first on the next day of training. They are then served food after returning to the loft.

You are trying to cultivate the right behavior in the young pigeons and make them associate your whistle to the food being served to them. After several training, coming back to the loft become habitual to the young birds. With the right training technique, young racing pigeons automatically learned to trap quickly for the rest of their lives.

Young pigeons’ racing season usually begins in the middle of July. Young birds commence training for the race at about 14 weeks. Before that they should be exercising twice daily at home. Many fanciers believed that if the pigeons are trained too early, they may suffer training fatigue and will not have sufficient energy and drive at the time of the actual race.

You begin by training your young racing pigeons to get accustomed to the basket. Teach them to come to the basket and to come out of the basket. The pigeons are trained to be skilled at finding their way back home. It is very essential for them to be trained to find the shortest way back home.

When pigeons are released outside, it is natural for them to fly freely. Your young racing pigeons should be exercised at least twice daily. As for the older racing pigeons, they fly around the home much less. The main goal of training these adult racing pigeons is to maximize their racing performance.


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